$3 Fetch Rewards Referral Code: VB3YJ [July 2024]

By Dustyn Ferguson •  Updated: 03/29/22 •  4 min read
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As of July 2024, our Fetch Rewards referral code VB3YJ will give you 3,000 points (equal to $3) to kick-start you on Fetch Rewards!

The Fetch Rewards app allows you to earn cash back when you buy certain brands and items and redeem them for cash. It’s one cash back app (of many) that is a must!

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How to Sign Up and Use Fetch Rewards: Referral Code VB3YJ

Signing up for Fetch Rewards is easy, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Fetch rewards website (click here)
  2. Select your device, either iPhone or Android
  3. Download the app and sign up
  4. While signing up, use our referral code to get your 3,000 points ($3) Fetch Rewards sign up bonus: VB3YJ
  5. Click “Sign Up”
  6. Confirm your email
  7. All set! Now you can start earning cash back on popular brands and items.

Click here to get the Fetch Rewards app (don’t forget the referral code VB3YJ)


7 things you can do with Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a cool app that allows you to save money on items and brands found in grocery, convenience, liquor, and really any stores that have the items listed on their app. Here are the 7 main things you can do with the Fetch Rewards app.


1. Earn cash back for buying certain brands

Fetch Rewards is unique when compared to other cash back apps because they reward you just for buying a brand they are partnered with, not just specific items.

For example, you could buy any item from Caprisun, Axe, Gatorade, Goldfish and earn points (to name a few). In fact, they have over 200+ brands you can purchase and get rewarded for.


2. Buy from any store

Some cash back apps only offer certain deals for certain stores.

Not with the Fetch Rewards app!

You can buy any participating item or brand from any store and any receipt. This could be from a national grocery store or a local convenience store, it doesn’t matter with Fetch Rewards!


3. Offers for specific items

Like most of the cash back apps out there, they also have offers for specific items.

This is a great mix with their brand offers and gives you more ways to earn points.


4. Refer your friends and earn 3,000 points

If you end up liking Fetch Rewards, why not earn some extra money and refer your friends?

For every friend you refer, you’ll both get 3,000 points.

A free 3,000 points ($3) just to help spread the money-saving love? Sounds like a win-win to me. 🙂


5. Cash out for gift cards

Currently, Fetch Rewards doesn’t pay out in cash.

Instead, you can redeem your points for gift cards.
Thankfully, they have gift cards for popular stores and they even allow you to cash out with just 3,000 points, so you don’t have to wait forever to reach some minimum balance to cash out like some other apps.
Some of my favorite gift cards they have on the app are:


6. Alcohol brands on Fetch Rewards

It’s hard to find coupons and sales on alcohol, but Fetch Rewards has many popular liquor brands available on their app that you can earn points for buying.


7. Use Fetch Rewards along with other cash back apps

Fetch Rewards is one of many cash back apps we are big fans of.

The other ones you will likely want in your tool belt (if you want to get the most money back on your grocery shopping) are undoubted:

I personally use all three of these apps together, and it’s allowed me to save a TON of money on every trip to the grocery store. I really can’t recommend enough how important it is to use them all (so much so I’ve gotten my entire family to get them all)!


Get Started

Fetch Rewards makes it super simple to earn cash back on not only specific items you buy but also just for purchasing from a brand they are partnered with. Plus, their $3 minimum cash out feature is pretty awesome, no more large minimums it takes forever to reach!

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t forget to sign up by going to their website, downloading their app, and using our referral code: VB3YJ to get your $3 sign up bonus!

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