$30 Ibotta Referral Code: XIDADJV [May 2024]

By Dustyn Ferguson •  Updated: 10/19/21 •  6 min read
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As of May 2024, our Ibotta referral code XIDADJV will give you $20 to kick-start you on Ibotta!

Ibotta has proven to many people to save them a lot of money on groceries, week after week, without having to clip coupons and manage that mess.

It’s one of our favorite cash back apps out there because of the wide variety of offers and brands they have on there.

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How to Sign Up and Use Ibotta: Referral Code XIDADJV

Signing up for Ibotta is easy, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Ibotta website (click here)
  2. Enter your name, email, zip code, birthday, and choose a password (they ask for a zip code and birthday to know which offers to show you. Plus, if you are under 21, you won’t see any alcohol offers)
  3. Make sure you enter our referral code for Ibotta to get your $20 sign up bonus: XIDADJV
  4. Click “Sign Up”
  5. Confirm your email
  6. Redeem at least one offer within 7 days of signing up to get your $20 sign up bonus. Otherwise, you’ll lose it forever. 🙁
  7. Once you are on the app and everything has been done, you can now earn $10 for referring someone else to the app. Adding the total referral bonus to $30. Honestly, you can refer more and earn even more, along with the savings from the app!

Make sure you use it within the first 7 days of signing up, you don’t want to miss out on a free $20, right?! Plus, I don’t think it’s possible to go back and get another referral code if you miss this deadline, once you miss it, you missed it.

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8 things you can do with Ibotta

Ibotta is a super neat app where you save money on groceries. However, they continue to add more features and offers to the platform, and below we go over the 8 things that you can do to save (and make) money with Ibotta.


1. Easily get cash back on things you already buy

Everyone’s got to eat, and Ibotta makes saving on groceries you are probably already buying easy.

No need to clip coupons or sign up for every grocery stores newsletter, instead, you can use Ibotta easily, here’s how it works:

  1. Find offers for items you plan to buy
  2. Go buy those items
  3. Scan and upload the receipt with the Ibotta app
  4. After 24-48 hours, you’ll get your money in your Ibotta account.
  5. Redeem your rebates into gift cards or cash (via PayPal)

If you want want a little Ibotta hack to save even more money: you can stack sales, coupons, and any other promotions with Ibotta offers. I’ve managed to get things for pennies doing this, so you can still coupon and go for sales, but now with Ibotta you’ll save even more.

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2. Free after rebate offers (AKA free food)

It seems like a couple times per month, Ibotta has “free after rebate” offers.

This means you literally get the item for free, once you get your rebate.

The rebate offer equals the price of the item, meaning you get free food!

It’s not everyday these offers come up, but be on the look out for them.


3. Offers for generic or any-brand items

Ibotta has a ton of rebate offers for popular brands you might find in the grocery store, but they also offer rebates on generic or “any-brand” items.

These rebates aren’t usually as much as they are for branded items, but they are a nice little bonus.

For example, they often have 10-cents off any-brand of milk. And even 25-cents for any receipt. Not bad!


4. Save on more than just groceries…

Ibotta started out with grocery store rebate offers (and it’s still their main thing), but they’ve upped their game to much more, including online shopping.

Here’s a list of all the things you can save money on with the Ibotta app:

  • Groceries (everything and anything from fruit to milk to ice cream to cereal, branded items and generics)
  • Hygiene products (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste etc)
  • Kitchen supplies (paper towels, cleaning agents, etc)
  • Online shopping (Amazon, Jet.com, Booking.com, Best Buy, and many more)
  • Local restaurants (save money on items, mainly alcohol, in local restaurants)
  • and more…

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5. Bonuses

Ibotta runs bonuses that can range from redeeming a certain amount of rebates before a certain date to referring a certain amount of people.

It’s a great way to earn a little extra cash back from Ibotta.


6. Refer friends & family and earn more

If you want to share the love, Ibotta will pay you with their refer a friend program

In fact, they’ll pay you $5 for every person you refer to Ibotta.

Plus, you’ll be able to give them $20 when they sign up.

Just make sure they use the app within 7 days, otherwise neither of you will get that extra money!


7. Alcohol

I left this out of the list of offers Ibotta has above because it deserves it’s own spot on this list: alcohol.

It’s rare to find good alcohol coupons or sales, but Ibotta makes it possible.

Plus, they’ve got some pretty recognizable brands.

Ibotta alcohol offers


8. Join our team add get more offers

When you sign up with our Ibotta referral code bonus –  XIDADJV – you’ll join our team.

What does joining our team mean?

It means you’ll have access to more offers, bonuses, and more ways to earn more money.

The more people you have on a team, the more you earn. Join our Ibotta team here ($20 referral bonus)!


Get Started

Ibotta makes it easy to save money on things you already buy: groceries. Plus, they always seem to be adding more offers, continuously expanding, and have new offers every week.

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t forget to sign up and join our team with our Ibotta referral link to redeem your free $20 bonus (be sure to use the app within 7 days to get your $20 bonus!).

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