About Dime Will Tell and Dustyn Ferguson

$0, no connections, no wealthy parents, and no rich aunt.

This was me. Now, at the age of just 21, I’ve managed to:

  • Save over $20,000
  • Have zero debt
  • Diversify my assets
  • Build a good credit score (that’s on the rise)

I don’t say this to brag (trust me, it’s nothing to brag about). Instead, it’s to show that you don’t need to have any connections, inherit wealth, or get money handed to you to still have successful finances.

Am I where I want (or need) to be?


But I’m just getting started.

I’m humbled to be in the situation that I am, one where I’ve always been conscious of money. It’s what led me to this point, at 21, with decent finances for my age.

Now I want to share with you how I got to this point. And hopefully, you’ll grow with me to higher levels.

What is Dime Will Tell?

Dime Will Tell was started to share Dustyn Ferguson’s experiences he’s had with all of the different financial techniques, services, apps, websites, and unique perspectives out there over the years.

Some things work, some don’t. This site was made as something I personally wish existed when I started so I could drown out the noise and get the best of the best, things that work (and frankly, get results).

I’ll share with you on Dime Will Tell all the different ways of both saving and making money; some that work great, some that work OK, and some that are straight up scams. This way – you can catch up on your finances, and grow them to whole new levels.

A little more about Dustyn Ferguson

Dustyn is the definition of a personal finance aficionado, and always has been. It’s what has allowed him to reach a (somewhat) secure financial situation by the age of 21.

As a result, he’s been trusted as an expert resource in publications like: Huffington Post, Go Banking Rates, Reader’s Digest, The Simple Dollar, LearnVest, FitSmallBusiness, and more.

A 21 year old from the smallest state in the United States is now sharing everything he’s learned along the way with you on Dime Will Tell. To get started, here are some of the most popular posts:

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Meet The Team (of one)

For now, it’s a team of one running Dime Will Tell.