Webull Referral Code for 2 Free Stocks up to $1400

By Dustyn Ferguson •  Updated: 01/25/21 •  3 min read
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As of January 2021, our Webull referral link will give you 2 free stocks just for signing up.

Webull is a digital broker that allows you to buy and sell stocks with zero fees. As part of their promotion to get people to sign up for their platform, they are offering 2 free stocks valued up to $1,400 for all new users just for signing up which is by far the best promotion we’ve seen in this space.


How to Sign Up for Webull and Get Your 2 Free Stocks

Signing up for Webull is simple, here is how you do it to get your sign up bonus:

  1. Go to the Welbull website using our invite link (click here)
  2. Click “Open an account”
  3. Enter your email, password, etc. You will need to verify your email / phone number
  4. Enter your information like usual
  5. Once you have submitted your information, Webull will need to verify your account. This doesn’t take long at all.
  6. After your account is confirmed, you will get 1 free stock worth between $2.50 and $250. To get the second (which will be worth between $12 and a whopping $1400), you will need to login to your account and deposit $100. Not a bad deal considering $100 deposit is not lost, and can be cashed out later.
  7. That’s it! You can now either keep or sell your Webull free stock and use the platform to buy and sell stocks fee free.


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3 things you can do with Webull

Webull is an app that allows you to buy and sell stocks and options, fee free. They are a Robinhood competitor, and a good one. They have a lot of options, and reasons why to choose Webull over Robinhood (including their 2 free stock promotion). If you don’t know exactly what Webull is yet, here are some of the things you can do with Webull.


1. Zero fees, zero commission

Webull allows you to invest in the stock market without having to pay any sort of fees or commissions.

No minimum deposit, 0 commission, and absolutely no management or hidden fees.

Without any fees, how do they make money? Well, a few ways (if not more). For starters, they earn interest on cash you don’t have invested in the market just sitting on your account. Additionally, they also offer a paid subscription for global market data. So they are finding other ways to make money on your cash in untraditional ways which allows for them to offer their main service for free.


2. Full extended trading hours

Webull supports extended trading hours, allowing you to actively trade for longer.

These extended hours include pre-market time from 4 AM to 9:30 AM EST and after-market hours from 4 PM to 8 PM EST.


3. In-depth analysis tools

Webull offers easy to use, but in-depth charts with various real-time market data options built right into their app to allow you to do all of your analysis and trading all from one platform – entirely fee free.

It is quite amazing how they are able to offer this, and it makes it almost useless to use traditional brokers – at least for us smaller time investors.


Get Started

Webull makes it easy for anyone, beginner or even experienced investors, to invest in the stock market with everything you might need all in one platform.

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t forget to sign up by visiting the Webull website, signing up, downloading the app, and depositing just $100 to get both of your 2 free stocks from Webull.

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