Robinhood Free Stock Promo (up to $225) in 2024

By Dustyn Ferguson ā€¢  Updated: 10/14/21 ā€¢  10 min read
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Robinhood, an app that allows you to buy and sell stocks (among other things), has had a massive round of funding, and they are putting it to use. In fact, they are giving away shares of stock to all of their new users.

The app itself is amazing, I use it personally and can honestly say it is perfect for small-time investors to buy a few shares of a company without paying the astronomical fees traditional brokerages charge.

It gets better: not only will you get a free share of stock worth up to $200 on an amazing platform with zero fees, but you can also earn more by referring friends! It’s a win-win, and you could walk away with quite a few shares to play around with (or sell for cash and never touch the platform again want, too). Either way you want to go, here’s how you can take part in the Robinhood promo..

How the Robinhood Free Stock Promo Works

The promotion Robinhood is running is straight forward: sign up and get free shares ofĀ  stock randomly valued between $2.50 all the way up to $200. Here’s how to partake in the promo in under three minutes:Pick your free stock on Robinhood App

  1. Go to this Robinhood invite link, which gives you access to the current Robinhood free stock promotion (Note: Not using an invite link will prevent you from getting the free stock Robinhood sign up bonus)
  2. Enter your name, email, address, and other basic info
  3. Verify your identity (date of birth and SSN required – the company is safe, I use it personally and have no hesitation providing this info. It’s typically require for any type of financial account)
  4. Connect your bank account (no need to add funds though)
  5. Submit your info.
  6. Download the app and sign in
  7. Your free stock should arrive within the same day, if not instantly (available on the app), but give it up to 2 days before contacting support. Also, just keep in mind that if you end up selling the stock you will not be able to withdraw the cash for 30 days. Note: If you sign up directly through their app, be sure to use to referral code: DUSTYNF – otherwise you will not get any free stocks!
Redeem Your Free Stock Here

What Free Share of Stock Will You Get? (The Odds)

If you’re wondering exactly what companies stock you will be getting for free as part of this promotion, it depends. The shares Robinhood is giving away to new members come from their settled shares which may include shares of stock from companies like Apple, Staples, GE, or many other companies valued anywhere from approximately $2.50 all the way up to $200!

How can you get a share of stock worth $200 though?

Well, it’s all about luck. They use randomization and the Robinhood free stock odds are different depending on the value of the share. Currently, these are the odds of what valued share you might get with the free stock promo: Robinhood Free Stock Odds

  • 98% chance of getting a share of stock worth between $2.50 and $10.
  • 1% chance of your stock bonus being valued between $10 and $50.
  • 1% chance of your stock bonus being valued between $50 and $200.

Will you get lucky? Try now by signing up and see what free stock you get!

Even if you don’t win big when signing up, you still have another shot by referring people you know. Keep reading to see how you can earn up to $500 worth of free stocks from Robinhood.

Refer Friends for More Free Shares (Up to $500 Worth)

In addition to the single free stock on Robinhood you get from signing up, you can earn up to $500 more of free stocks simply by referring your friends, family, and random people you hardly know on Facebook to the same exact Robinhood promotion. The Robinhood referral program is very generous, and should be taken full advantage of.

All you do is send them your own Robinhood referral code and have them sign up, just like you did. You both will receive a free share at random, giving you more chances to get a high-valued stock like Apple, GE, or others.

Just text, email, or share your referral code from Robinhood (which you will get once you sign up) to everyone and let them know about the offer – it’s too easy not to and it’s truly a win-win!

Note: When someone signs up with your link, you will need to redeem the free stock that you got from it. Just check your apps notifications within 60 days to redeem it.

Troubleshooting: Where’s my Free Stock?

There have been a few incidences of people running into Robinhood’s free stock promo not working when signing up, or when referring someone. If you or someone you refer doesn’t receive their free share of stock, reach out to the support team at Robinhood with the referral link you signed up with and the username of the account holder having issues and they should fix the issue. The company is super trustworthy, been around for many years now, and I’ve yet to hear of an instance where they didn’t settle the issue honorably.

What is Robinhood?

Simply put, it’s an app that allows you to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, crypto, among other assets. Unlike traditional brokerages that may charge you $8+ per transaction, they are absolutely free to use (which makes their free stock promotion that much more more relevant). I’ve used them for over a year to buy and sell stocks and options and have never had a single problem. In fact, the platform is quick and intuitive to use, allowing people new to trading stocks to navigate through the app and successfully buy (or sell) stocks while still allowing seasonable professionals to “get the job done.”

Final Words

Don’t miss this promotion, Robinhood is probably one of the only companies that is giving out free shares – and you never know when it might end. Even if you don’t know a lot about stocks, that’s the perfect reason to sign up while this free stock promotion is available and refer some friends, giving you some shares to play around with and learn from. That’s what I did!

Click here to sign up and get your free share from Robinhood.

Once you sign up, come back and comment what stock you got!

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