11 Real Ways to Get Free Walmart Gift Cards in 2024

By Dustyn Ferguson •  Updated: 02/28/22 •  9 min read
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What if you could pay for your entire cart of stuff at Walmart with free gift cards that you’ve gotten?

Well, this list of the 11 best ways to get free Walmart gift cards can help you do just that.

There are a ton of apps and websites out there that you can use to earn free gift cards to Walmart, but we’ve tested them all, and these are by far the best of the best that will pay you the most for your time.

How to earn the most free Walmart gift cards

We all want to be paid the most for our time, and that is no different when it comes to getting free Walmart gift cards! So, to make sure you can earn the most possible, it’s always good to round up all of the apps and websites on this list, sign up (don’t forget to take advantage of the many signup bonuses), and give them all an honest go. You might find that some places to earn free gift cards to Walmart might work better for you than someone else, and vice versa. The most popular are currently Survey Junkie, Drop, Honey, and giveaways on social media.


1. Survey Junkie

Surveys might have a bad rap, but after testing endless amounts of survey websites that pay, this is by far one of the best. It’s great because it’ll tell you how long it should take to complete a survey and how much you’ll be rewarded for completing it. This lets you choose only the highest paying surveys for your time while avoiding ones that aren’t as high paying.

Plus, they not only pay in Walmart gift cards but you can also redeem your points for PayPal or gift cards to many other places. Either way, this is a must on the list of websites to earn free Walmart gift card codes!

Click here to signup for Survey Junkie and start earning Walmart gift cards in your spare time.


2. Swagbucks ($10 Signup Bonus)


Swagbucks is like Survey Junkie but a step up in terms of all the ways you can earn points. Not only can you earn points by taking surveys on Swagbucks, but you can also earn points by:

  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online
  • Using coupons (yup, they’ll reward you points for using their printable coupons)
  • Search the web
  • Play games
  • and more…

It’s another great website to use especially after you run out of high-paying surveys on Survey Junkie because then you can head over to Swagbucks and do all of their highest-paying tasks. It never fails to provide great ways to earn, especially since many people over $100 or more on the platform.

Plus, right now Swagbucks will give you a massive $10 signup bonus if you use the referral code DWTDWT once you earn you’re first $3 (which can then be redeemed immediately, for cash or Walmart GCs)!


3. Drop ($5 Signup Bonus)

Drop App

Drop is a cash back app that will earn you points for shopping at participating stores – which can then be redeemed for Walmart gift cards (or cash)!

Drop is unique because you don’t need to scan any receipts or clip any coupons. All you do is sign up, select 5 stores you want to earn cash back from, and then connect your debit and credit cards that you usually use. After that, you’ll earn points every single time you shop at one of those 5 selected stores (which can’t be changed by the way so choose wisely!), along with other offers that may be available on the app.

If you want to seamlessly earn Walmart gift cards without doing anything after signing up, get the Drop app now (get the $5 signup bonus with the referral code Z6QCB right now)! Best part? Once you sign up and connect one card, you can redeem your $5 bonus for a gift card immediately!


4. Honey

Honey browser extension

Honey is a browser extension that’s main function is to apply the best working coupon code available to your online shopping cart without having to search the web and manually test all of the coupon codes that exist.

This feature alone has been a huge money and time saver, and it’s the main tool I use to find coupon codes when shopping online.

However, they also have something called Honey Gold. This feature will reward you cash back when you shop on participating websites. The best part? While you earn cash back for your purchases, you can also use the best coupon codes available. It’s like saving twice!

Click here to signup for Honey.


5. Ibotta ($20 Signup Bonus)


Ibotta allows you to save even more at the grocery store. On top of sales and coupons, you can find offers in the Ibotta app, buy the items, then scan and upload your receipt to earn cash back. You can find cash back offers for virtually anything you can find in the grocery store too, such as:

  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Cereal
  • Coffee
  • Liquor
  • Ice cream
  • Chips
  • Shampoo
  • and basically everything else…

Right now Ibotta will give you a $20 signup bonus with the referral code XIDADJV when you redeem your first offer. This $20 can then be redeemed immediately for cash, Walmart gift cards, or gift cards to many other stores.


Another app like Ibotta is Checkout 51 ($5 signup bonus) – if you want to earn even more cash back at the grocery store and have more offers, Checkout 51 has them. It’s pretty much the same as Ibotta, but you’ll usually find offers for different items on there. This allows for more opportunities to save money and is another great app to have when trying to save money at the grocery store and earn cash back to then be redeemed for cash or gift cards.


6. Mobee ($3 Signup Bonus)

Get paid in Walmart gift cards to visit stores and complete tasks like a mystery shopper with the Mobee app.

Mystery shopping tasks have come to the app world, and after signing up you can immediately start completing tasks and get paid for them. It’s usually not worth going out solely to go to these stores and complete tasks, but if you are already near the store or are planning to go, it is entirely worthwhile to complete the tasks if you are already there.

Use the referral code 2LN2 when signing up to Mobee to get a $3 signup bonus!



7. TopCashBack


TopCashBack is both a coupon and cash back earning website with over 11,000,000 members. While coupons are best found with Honey, TopCashBack offers cash back to many popular stores. The reason why you might want to use multiple websites and apps that offer cash back is because some might have deals that others don’t, and vice versa. By having multiple, you can ensure you are getting the best cash back offers as possible at as many stores as possible.


8. BeFrugal ($10 Signup Bonus)


Get back up to 40% from over 5,000 stores with BeFrugal. Again, this website is very similar to TopCashBack, but they seem to have some offers that aren’t available on other platforms, so it can be another good option to have in the tool belt. Plus, just like TopCashBack, you can redeem your earnings for Walmart gift cards.


9. Shopkick ($2.50 Signup Bonus)


Shopkick is a neat app just by the ways you can earn money. In addition to earning money for buying certain items and scanning your receipt, you can also earn just by entering certain stores and (or) just by finding and scanning items. This seems to be a one-of-a-kind app, and had to make the list just because you can earn free gift cards to Walmart for literally just entering a store or just for scanning items.

Start getting paid to scan items and walk into stores with Shopkick and get a $2.50 signup bonus.


10. Fetch Rewards ($2 Signup Bonus)

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another grocery cash back app, however, instead of just paying you for buying specific items, you can also earn points for Walmart gift cards just for buying certain brands. That selection of brands includes many well-known names which add up to over 200+ brands.

Start earning cash back and get your $2 signup bonus for Fetch by signing up and using the referral code VB3YJ.


11. Walmart gift card giveaways

Personal brands and companies will often giveaway stuff, including gift cards, to attract new followers and attention to their content. Each giveaway can vary a little bit on what you have to do to enter, but generally, it will require following their account, liking the photo, and commenting or tagging your friends. This isn’t really too much to ask, especially for a free Walmart gift card giveaway entry. To find gift card giveaways, you’ll want to check out and follow hashtags on Instagram. Here are some examples of good ones to follow:

  • #giftcardgiveaway
  • #giveaway
  • #freebie
  • #contest
  • #freebiefriday

If you follow these hashtags, posts that have these in them will show up in your feed just like photos do for people you follow. Then, follow the guidelines and you’ll be entered to win. Good luck!


$57.50 in Free Walmart Gift Cards Just From Signup Bonuses

Just in signup bonuses from the apps and websites in this list, you could get $57.50 in free Walmart gift cards – just for signing up! Granted, you’ll probably need to do something (connect a card, complete a task, make a purchase, etc) to unlock your signup bonus, but it’s still over $50 in free Walmart gift cards alone. That doesn’t include actually earning gift cards for using these websites and apps, which is where the real money is.

In fact, you could make $100’s of dollars in free GCs every month if you wanted to with all of these apps and websites. It’s all up to you and how much time you are willing to put into it.

Hopefully, this has been useful for you in reaching your goal when it comes to getting free money for your next Walmart trip. We tried to make sure there were many different options on this list to earn Walmart gift cards, including no surveys or no participation required methods.


Is there another app or website to earn Walmart gift cards that should be added? Let us know and it could make the list!

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