50+ Active Barter, Swap, Trade Websites and Apps

By Dustyn Ferguson •  Updated: 09/18/18 •  12 min read
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Bartering goes back to the beginning of commerce, but it’s picking up again in popularity for one valid reason: it saves money.

Think about it, instead of paying money for something, you can trade something you don’t use, your services, or even time in your home instead. The opportunities are endless and anything can be bartered, traded, or swapped. That is, if you can connect with someone who has what you want and they want what you have.

So, how can you connect with like-minded individuals that barter, swap, and trade?

Well we went on the hunt to find the resources to connect you with people who barter, swap, and trade and came up with 50+ different websites & apps for bartering & trading. Sadly, a lot of lists out there are outdated and many sites are no longer around or active. But still – there are a lot out there, I must admit, so there’s a table of contents for you to use to get to exactly what you are looking for.

It’s also important to note that most of these sites are entirely free (or super cheap). Why would we ever want to pay to barter, swap, or trade?! Thankfully, you really don’t have to thanks to these top bartering websites & apps below.

General Barter, Swap, & Trade Websites

Everything under the sun type barter websites & apps are here. Sites & apps that have no specific category that act as a general barter exchange and consist of everything you can think of from clothing to boats to books.

1. BarterQuest

BarterQuest has been around for awhile, and seems to still be going strong. They have almost anything you can think of from furniture, art, services, sporting goods, cars, to real estate.

2. Tradeaway

Trade website Tradeaway allows you to buy-sell-trade for free. Their diverse catalog carries many different things, it’s great. They operate in an auction-styled way allowing you to place bids, use Tradecredits, or pay cash if you wish.

3. Swappiness

Swappiness is a newer bartering website that has many different categories. While you won’t find a lot of items here, you might find something!

4. Listia

Listia is one of my personal favorite trade websites (and it’s 100% free). While you don’t hand-to-hand trade your item for another item on Lisitia like old-fashioned swap deals are done, they made it better. Instead, you sell your items for points via an auction. You can then use those points to bid on other auctions. It really has a great community and is quite popular with a lot of new items being posted consistently.

5. Freecycle

Freecycle is unique in the way that it is hyper local. There are groups within Freecycle that are setup in different cities & towns for locals to come to and give away what they would have throw out otherwise. Additionally, you can make requests for stuff you may be looking for.

6. Barter Bucks Banc

The Barter Bucks Banc directory of categories is enormous, and seems to have a category for everyone. The website seems a bit outdated looking, but lets be honest – most of these bartering websites are!

7. BarterOnly

There seems to be a really safe barter community at BarterOnly, with minimal “fake” posts. This quality is probably due to the fact membership starts at around $5 per month, which grants you 5 posts per month.

8. U-Exchange

U-Exchange is unique because it’s global, yet hyper-local. Meaning – you can find bartering opportunities in a specific state in the US to countries across the globe. Even in low-population states there seems to be a good number of fellow barterers on there.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist is a very popular classifieds website around the world, and they also have a bartering & trade section on their website that allows you to trade stuff on Craigslist instead of just buying and selling. We figured its already well known, so we promise the rest of the post will be all about barters sites like Craigslist (if not better).

10. Facebook Groups (my personal favorite)

This lesser known way to find others to barter with. Local Facebook barter groups are amazing. You get the smooth design of Facebook and big local groups of people all looking to barter, swap, and trade. To find one, just search for “barter + your location” under Facebook groups and, if there are any nearby, they should come up. If there are none – consider making one for your community!



11. Rehash

With 20,000+ trades and 45,000+ members, Rehash is really living up to their mission of connecting people to trade & swap clothes for free.

12. Vinted

Vinted allows you to sell, buy, or swap fashion outfits for new ones. It’s modern design is appealing to the eye and a nice refresher.

13. thredUP

thredUP is unique as it’s one of the top-rated online thrift stores around. You are able to sell your items to them and get paid directly from them, which you can then use elsewhere or right on thredUP. While it’s not exactly a barter, it’s better in the sense that you can then go buy whatever you want!

14. Swap.com

Unlike the name may suggest, Swap is similar to thredUP.


Media + Entertainment

15. PaperBack Swap

Swap books with others online on PaperBackSwap with over 1.5 million different books available. All you pay is for postage when you send out a book, otherwise it’s all free. Oh, and they have hardback books, audio books and textbooks too!

16. Game Trading Zone

Game Trading Zone allows you to buy, sell, or swap video games (and movies). They’ve been around for over 20 years and have helped people trade over 200,000 times. After looking over the site, there are a ton of different titles to choose from – perfect for any gamer wanting to explore new games.

17. BookMooch

BookMooch is simple – you list your books, wait until someone requests it, ship it out, receive points, then go buy other books with these points on the site. Another classic book swap website.

18. Title Trader

Title Trader brings together people to swap books, movies, and more with each other in an easy way. They also run a promotion that gives you 3 free trades when you get your first positive feedback (although I looked further and it seems to be free always).

19. SwitchPlanet

Trade DVDs, CDs, books, and videos on the swap website SwitchPlanet that’s been around since 2006.

20. SwapaCD

Mail a CD, get a CD. A classic CD swap site that seems fairly easy to use and has a vast selection available.

21. SwapaDVD

Exactly like SwapaCD, but for DVDs. Owned by the same people as swap site SwapaCD, it’s virtually the same.

22. Play’N’Swap

Another popular video game swap website with over 5,000+ games available for swapping. Membership is free, but they allow you to upgrade to VIP for additional advantages.


Travel + Housing

23. Home Exchange

Swap homes on Home Exchange with 65,000+ other members in 150+ countries. One fee per year and no limit on how many times you can swap homes with other members. Oh – and there’s a guaranteed exchange in first year!

24. Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap is pretty much the same as Home Exchange – just a different company. They take safety seriously and like other similar sites require ID verification. They also maintain a 4.8 out of 5 star for all home swaps done on the site since inception. Also a low price per month, billed annually.

25. Trusted House Sitters

A personal favorite right here (I’m actively signed up on). Trusted House Sitters allows you to stay in other peoples homes around the world in exchange for maintaining their house and taking care of their pets. It’s a great community, and if you love pets, their low under $100 annual fee is nothing considering you can go on as many house sits as you can for as long as you can. They have house sits in California to New York City to Australia from a few days in length to months at a time (and everything in-between).

26. Couchsurfing

400,000+ hosts across the globe bring you to stay in their home (for free). They also have events, which truly strengthens the community feeling this website truly has. If you like to meet others and willing to sleep in a house with someone else, consider Couchsurfing!

27. Guest to Guest

Another great home exchange website in 180+ countries with 10,000+ new homes listed every single month.

28. Intervac Home Exchange

There’s a lot of home exchange websites out there, this is another one of them. It’s been around for awhile and is a trusted website to exchange homes.

29. Go Swap

Instead of swapping out homes for a week, how about forever? Find others that want to permanently swap homes on Go Swap, a site that connect homeowners together to swap similarly valued homes with each other. Surprisingly, there is actually a decent amount of listings.



30. Simbi

Trade housekeeping for yoga lessons, bike repair for IT support, massage therapy for video editing, and any other combination of any skill you can think of – this is what the skill trade website Simbi allows people to do. Barter your skills for other skills you’d probably pay hefty prices for otherwise.

31. SwapRight

SwapRight allows you to swap services with other people for anything like home improvement, childcare, professional services, etc. Post you service/skill then barter with others for services you are interested in.

32. Swapaskill

Swapskill has over 70,000+ skills & services posted, a lot to choose from. The premise is the same as all other barter skill websites.

33. SkillsBarter

100% free, SkillsBarter is another barter services website. Although, the site is super outdated and unknown how active it is (must sign up to see). Would love to know if you’ve had any success with them!

34. BabysitterExchange

The site is outdated (let’s be honest, 90% of the websites on here are), but BabysitterExchange that allows you to trade babysitting and other services with a local group in the area.

Business Barter

Here you can find all of the various bartering websites for B2B bartering. The number-one benefits of business bartering (besides saving money) is the opportunity to build your network which could lead to sales for you as an indirect side-effect. Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

35. B2B Barter Directory

36. BizX

37. TradeFirst

38. IMS Barter & Trade

39. The Barter Company

40. Barter Depot

41. New England Trade


Barter Apps

42. TradeStuff

No fees, no money involved, local pickup or shipping, negotiate, and decentralized; that sums up the TradeStuff bartering app. Available on iPhone and Android devices.

43. MatchTrade

List your items you want to trade then swipe left or right to match your listing with other items you’d trade with. They call it the Tinder for trading stuff app. Available on iPhone and Android devices.

44. Barterbu

Barterbu is a simple bartering app that allows you to connect with locals to trade, swap, and barter. Available on iPhone and Android devices.

45. Barter Bay

Barter Bay is a modern buy, sell, and mostly trade & swap app that is easy to use and has a lot of items available in many local areas. Available on iPhone and Android devices.



46. Swopr (France)

47. Wallapop (Unknown)

48. Shpock (UK)

49. Swapub (Unknown)

50. Gumtree Swap Shop (UK)

51. Swapz (UK)


Other / Miscellaneous

52. Shared Earth

Shared Earth is one of a kind. Their platform helps connect you with people with free gardening space or gardening tools. It’s a unique concept, and whether you need a place for gardening or have an extra plot for someone local, it’s a great site to find that.

53. SwapMeSports

SwapMeSports is setup specifically to help you buy, sell, donate, or swap sports equipment. To sell an item, it’s $5 per month, or $12 for a year. Buying is 100% free (like most bartering websites). What’s nice is they donate 10% of the membership price to a charitable cause.

54. Zimride

Zimride (by Enterprise) calls itself a “secure ride-sharing platform for companies and universities.” Simply, the site connects you with others in the area to carpool with and reduce your expenses and carbon footprint.

55. Local groups & websites

It’s fair to say it would be impossible to list all websites & groups that are out there for bartering. All the different states, countries, etc; there’s far too many.

So – to make sure you aren’t missing a prime group, be sure to check around in your community for local bartering & swapping groups. You can also see whats out there by searching for barter group + your location.

For example, I looked up “florida barter group” and came across a cool site, Florida Barter.

The best thing about these groups is that since they are local, you get “first dibs” on stuff posted over a national or international bartering website.


Final Words

I’ll be honest, there are a ton of barter websites and barter apps to choose from, so which one should you choose?

Well, it really depends on what you are looking for (and what you have). Personally, I mainly like to barter services, so I might end up on another site or app than you might (although, I really do love Lisita for physical items).

Don’t be afraid to sign up on multiple sites either and see whats out there!

If there’s a website or app for bartering that was missed and you think deserves being added, comment it below and it very well may get added!


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