11 High-Paying Apps That Pay You to Walk in 2024 (IOS+Android)

By Dustyn Ferguson •  Updated: 01/01/20 •  8 min read
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We all have to walk. Whether it’s because it’s required (like to get to work) or to lose weight and be healthy, walking is apart of life for all of us.What if we could get paid for this activity that we all do?

Thankfully, there are many new apps that pay you to walk.

This can be a great motivation to walk more and get healthier or simply to cash in on something you’d be doing anyways.

So, we took a look at all of the best apps that pay you to walk out there and came back with the 11 highest-paying apps that pay you walking.

1. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a cryptocurrency inspired app that rewards you in points (Sweatcoins) for walking outside. That’s it, just walk and earn points which you can redeem for cash, phones, clothes, subscriptions, or many other things (it’s always changing).

Sweatcoin caps you at 5,000 steps per day (which earns you 5 Sweatcoins) on there free plan. Or, if you walk more than that, you can pay 5 of your Sweatcoins per month to move that cap up to 10,000 steps (or 10 Sweatcoins) per day.

Since there are many different rewards that you can get with your points, it’s hard to say how much each Sweatcoin is worth. However, for reference, you can redeem 20,000 Sweatcoins for $1,000. That makes each Sweatcoin worth 5-cents. Not a whole lot, but earning up to 50 cents a day just for walking, all while being able to track your steps, isn’t too bad.

You can also earn more points by referring friends and signing into the app everyday to get your daily bonus.

Signup for Sweatcoin here!


2. Achievement

Achievement is an app that pays you to do healthy activities, such as walking, logging the food you eat, tracking you heart rate, meditating, doing surveys on health related topics, and more.

The Achievement app is unique because it’s purpose is to get data on health related activities to aid in cutting edge medical research. In exchange for you tracking and sharing your data on your health related activities, Achievement will reward you with points for cash. For reference, every 10,000 points you earn on the app is worth $10, which can be redeemed for cash to PayPal or straight to your bank account.

You can connect the Achievement app to many other apps and devices like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Garmin, Apple Health, and more than 20 other apps and devices.

Signup for Achievement here!


3. Lympo

Lympo is fairly similar to Achievement and Sweatcoin, and like Sweatcoin, allows you to cryptocurrency called LYM.

The biggest difference that seperates Lympo though is that you get rewarded LYM for completing challenges instead of just steps. Each day you can choose a new challenge and, if completed, you will earn LYM.

Your LYM can then be redeemed for many different prizes, just like most of the apps on this list.

Signup for Lympo here!


4. Healthywage

With Healthywage, you can place bets on yourself that you will lose a certain amount of wait in a certain amount of time.

If you accomplish your goals, you will be rewarded. If you don’t, you will lose any bet that you placed on yourself. This can be a huge motivator to get to walking, exercising, and getting to your weight goals; especially when your money is at stake.

Your prize will vary a lot on how big your weight loss goal is, what the time frame is, and how much you bet on yourself. You can use the name your own prize calculator to find out what your unique prize will be for accomplishing your goal.

Signup for HealthyWage here!


5. Walgreens Balance Rewards

The Walgreens Balance Rewards program (which is free to join) will not only give you access to sales in their stores, but it also gives you access to their program that rewards you for tracking health activities.

While they don’t pay you in cash, they will reward you in points that can be used to make purchases at Walgreens. To earn points, all you do is join a 4-week health challenge, connect a health tracking devices (like Fitbit), and complete the challenge over the 4-weeks. You can earn up to 100 points per week and if you complete the challenge, get up to a 2,000 point bonus.

Since it easily connects to many popular health tracking devices, it’s easy to earn points through this program without much hassle.

Signup for the Walgreen Balance Rewards health challenge here!


6. Charity Miles

Just as the name suggests, Charity Miles is a free app that will donate money on your behalf for every mile that you walk, run, bike, or even dance. Just open the app whenever you are going to do any of those activities and you’ll earn money for charity.

Sure, you won’t get paid in cash or any gift cards; but it’s for a good cause. You’ll even get to choose between 40+ charities that you want your portion to be donated towards.

Signup for Charity Miles here!


7. Lifecoin

Very similar to Sweatcoin, Lifecoin always pays you simply for walking. It’s just another app that pays you to walk and will reward you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, iPhones, and many other items.

Signup for Lifecoin here!


8. PK Rewards

PK Rewards is focused on working out, which includes walking, running, biking, weight lifting, and more. These activities can be done anywhere and the amount you earn is totally up to how much effort you put in.

Your points can then be redeemed for rewards from popular brands.

Signup for PK Rewards here!


9. UnitedHealthcare Motion

If you have UnitedHealthcare or are considering getting it, you’ll want to look into their Motion program. How it works is simple, for every step you take you can earn financial rewards for out-of-pocket medical expenses you may incur.

So you won’t get paid, but whenever you incur any out-of-pocket medical expenses, they will be lightened depending on how much you’ve participated in this program.

It makes sense, the more you walk and exercise typically means you’ll be healthier and will incur less medical bills. In turn, this saves UnitedHealthcare money (and your health!). So the program is a win-win all around; you are incentivized to stay healthier, United saves money, and when you do incur out-of-pocket medical bills, that burden will be lightened.

Check out the UnitedHealthcare Motion program here!


Make serious money from walking

A lot of the apps above aren’t going to make you a living, or even a substantial side income (except HealthyWage, you could actually make $1,000’s if you do it right). They are more of great ways to get some extra spending money doing things you are already going to do, plus they are great motivators to get you walking and exercising. But maybe you want to make more income from walking, that’s where these ideas come in. They aren’t strictly walking, but involve it a great deal and so they fit in perfectly in this post. Here they are…

10. Rover

Rover is an app and website that connects dog owners with dog walkers. You can create a free profile, write up a profile about yourself and experience, and start getting gigs very quickly.

Not only can you walk dogs for money, but you can also get paid to house dogs or even for going and house sitting while owners are away.

Rover is probably one of the biggest marketplaces out there connecting dog owners with dog walkers, so it’s easy to find a plentiful amount of gigs in most areas. Plus, you can entirely decide when you want to work, what types of dogs you will work with, and how much you charge.

If you want to make extra money while you are walking dogs, you can also use the other apps that pay you to walk listed above too.

Learn more about Rover and signup here!


11. Uber Eats/Postmates

Delivering food through apps like Uber Eats or Postmates can be a nice little side gig to earn some extra cash. You can work as little or as much as you want, whenever you want.

This can be done by car, bike, or even by foot if you live in an urban area. You could fit in deliveries at any time you want, like before work, during lunch, or after work.


How to earn the most money possible from walking

You might look at this list and be overwhelmed and not know which apps to choose that will pay you the most. It’s hard to say which will pay you the most, simply because some apps will earn more for one person than the next simply by their behavior.

For example, maybe you use a treadmill a lot. Then Sweatcoin won’t yield you as much because they don’t track indoor steps.

However, this is where testing comes into play. Try multiple apps, see which you like and which pay you the most.

Plus, you can also use most of these apps at the same time, earning you money doing the same thing – so don’t feel like you need to just choose one. If you combined, for example, Sweatcoin, Achievement, HealthyWage and Rover; you could actually earn a bit of money just for walking!

Hopefully this list has been useful, let us know what apps you like the best and why below!


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